Our Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are text-files which holds user-generated information. Here are a few things you should know about them;

  • Certain cookies are essential for proper functioning of websites.
  • Cookies provide analytical data, which helps site-owners understand how site-visitors interact with content. This will allow site-owners to develop content that their visitors would love.
  • Cookies help third-parties by showing relevant content to site-visitors, such as advertisements.
2. How we use Cookies
  1. We use first-party cookies to help us understand our visitors better, so we can keep producing content they enjoy.
  2. We use third-party cookies so that relevant advertisements are displayed to our visitors.
3.1. First and third-party cookies

First-party cookies are created and stored when you first visit Fantasy Cookery. They help us (the site owner) by collecting analytical user data, so we can serve up fresh content you'll love. They also help you (the site visitor) by remembering your previous settings on the site, so that you'll get the best user experience according to your preferences.

Third-party cookies enable our site visitors to view and interact with content provided by a third-party, such as advertisements. They ensure that you see third-party content which is relevant to you.

3.2 Session and permanent cookies

Session cookies exist only for the duration of a browsing session on a certain site, and are deleted once you leave it.

Permanent cookies are stored on your browser after you leave the site, and are utilized the next time you visit the site. They are only removed from your device after you clear your cookies.

4. Our Cookies

In this section, we describe the cookies utilized by Fantasy Cookery.

4.1 Advertising
4.2 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web-analytic service provided by Google Inc., which uses cookies to collect information on how visitors interact with sites. The service uses their own cookies to analyze websites, on the behalf of the site-owner.

The data stored within a cookie created by Google Analytics is sent to their server, where it is compiled and sent back to the site-owner, so they may understand site-visitor user-habits. Examples include which posts are most popular, and which posts are shared on social media platforms (such as Pinterest or Facebook).

For more information about Google Analytics, please visit www.google.com/analytics.

4.3 Social Buttons