Emma Kay's Buttermilk Bannocks (Fodder & Drincan)

When I heard about Fodder & Drincan: Anglo-Saxon Culinary History by Emma Kay on Twitter, I clicked 'add to cart' faster than Alfred the Great could call up his fyrd. As a history buff and cook, I'm always on the lookout for books that explore the culinary customs of past eras. When it arrived, it did not disappoint - I absolutely devoured Fodder & Drincan.

Kay's meticulous research is evident on every page, and while we can never truly know the exact recipes and flavors of the food consumed in Anglo-Saxon times, she does a fantastic job of bringing it to life. The best parts are the recipes she created, which are a fun and practical way to recreate a taste of the past in your own kitchen.

Overall, Fodder & Drincan is a must-read for those who enjoy feasting like it's 853. Kay's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. I highly recommend this book - preferably enjoyed with a bannock and a mug of mead in hand.

And speaking of bannocks, here are some pictures I took of the barley bannocks I made from one of Kay's recipes - they were so delicious. In the future, I plan on updating this post with pictures and videos of other recipes I make from Fodder & Drincan. If you want to create your own Anglo-Saxon-inspired feasts, do yourself a favor and buy Kay's book to support her fantastic work.

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