Fantasy Halloween Pumpkin Fairy House

I'm terrible at carving pumpkins - and honestly, I've never found them to fit my aesthetic. So I decided that this year, to celebrate Halloween and fall, I would create a Pumpkin Fairy House instead.

Here's a list of things I bought for this project (note: these are affiliate links):

To start, I cut the bottom off of the pumpkin and then carved out the insides using a hand mixer. After cleaning and saving the seeds, I made Fantasy Tavern Roasted Curried Pumpkin Seeds.

I bought the fairy house doors on Amazon, and they were very helpful. I painted the small door with acrylic paint and then cut a rough outline of the door into the pumpkin. Because I knew I wanted warm light inside the house, I chose a door with a small window. For the door, I drilled small holes into the pumpkin and attached it with twine. To make the door seal tighter, I hot glued artificial moss around the frame.

It was important to me that my Fairy Pumpkin House felt cozy, so I added a chimney. I molded a piece of cardboard into a hollow cylinder, then attached it with hot glue. I made sure it was hollow so it could actually function - what's the point of a chimney that doesn't work? On the outside of the cardboard cylinder, I glued tiny sticks and artificial moss to the chimney. I then carved a small hole in my hollow pumpkin and set my chimney partway down. Inside the pumpkin, I lit incense to create smoke.

I decided to make my rope ladder from scratch. To make the ladder rungs, I tied rope between two more tiny sticks. As a precaution, I put small dabs of hot glue on each knot to prevent it from untying itself.

This fall, I hope you will make your very own Pumpkin Fairy House. I encourage you to use any of my ideas and the product links included in this post - or to get creative with your own style. Each year, I plan on creating a new one because the possibilities are endless.

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