One-Pot Middle Eastern Chicken And Rice With Zhug

This one-pot Middle Eastern chicken and rice fills my entire home with an incredible nutty and spicy aroma. The rice is warm, spicy, and a bit buttery. It's also filled with lovely bites of potato and tomato. The chicken thighs are cooked on top of the spicy rice and absorb all the tasty flavors. I […]

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Gnocchi With Blue Cheese, Bacon, Brussels Sprouts, And Balsamic

This gnocchi with blue cheese, bacon, brussels sprouts, and balsamic is an absolutely perfect weeknight dinner. One of my go-to side dishes, brussels sprouts with bacon and balsamic, inspired this recipe. Gnocchi is everywhere online right now, and I wanted to get in on the pillowy action. I thought the crispy bacon sprouts would work well […]

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Beef Bourguignon Pot Pie

Beef bourguignon (beef burgundy) is a French stew in which the majority of liquid used is alcohol. I can’t think of a better stew to be covered in flaky pastry and roasted to golden perfection. I use a couple of unusual techniques in this recipe. The primary thickening agent in this recipe is unflavored gelatin. […]

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